Wild Asparagus Root – Fly by Night

Wild Asparagus Root – Fly by Night

You can take a few droppers full of the tincture or just eat a piece of the sweet chewy raw root right before bed and obtain a very good sleep with wonderful peaceful thoughts just before falling asleep.
Tian Men Dong translates into “she who has a 1000 husbands”
I have found the wild red Chinese asparagus root in the formulas sold by Dragon Herbs and Jing Herbs to have the most potent effect and be one of the most powerful and effective things I’ve ever taken for promoting deep sleep.

The Chinese say that “wisdom comes from the lungs.” It becomes clear to see why they believe that wild Asparagus root aids in the development of wisdom.

Throughout life our bad experiences become valuable lessons. The Lung function, as it affects our psyche, allows a person to extract the truth and wisdom out of life’s experiences. It also allows us to let go of that which is useless and of no lasting value. From this we can gain lasting wisdom!
In the few studies that have taken place they have proven that Tian Men Dong root can induce interferon production in human beings

Interferons (IFNs) are proteins made and released by host cellsin response to the presence of pathogens such as viruses,bacteria, parasites or tumor cells. They allow for communication between cells to trigger the protective defenses of the immune system that eradicate pathogens or tumors.

Wild Asparagus root is highly revered by Taoists who use the tonic herbs to help them on their paths to radiant health and to spiritual awareness. It has many attributes that make it one of the greatest health promoting herbs.

Wild Asparagus root is also an important Lung tonic. In common Chinese herbalism, this is the quality most often referred to when discussing this herb. Asparagus root moistens and purifies the lungs, aiding in our breathing, removing toxins from the respiratory tract and improving all respiratory functions. It increases the lung’s ability to extract Qi from the air we breath. Asparagus root is especially useful for those who are exposed to smoke, to dry or smoggy air or who otherwise are experiencing dryness of the lungs and upper respiratory passages.

Taoists emphasize that wild Asparagus root will strike a balance in the internal functions of the body. It is said that one who consumes wild Asparagus root for a long time will feel so light that they can fly. This is not meant to be taken literally, but refers to the spiritual qualities of this amazing herb and also to the energy and natural buoyancy it provides.

Scientific Data

Asparagus root has been found to induce interferon production in human beings.
Eat one or two raw wild Asparagus roots each day. Eat it slowly, almost let it melt in your mouth. Chew well and breathe deeply. Or cook it with your choice of tonic herbs.
Wild Asparagus root may be eaten raw.

Really good wild Asparagus root is quite rare. Most wild Asparagus root is yellow and this is excellent, so long as it is clean, moist and sweet. Connoisseurs tend to buy up entire batches of the really good stuff quickly. But occasionally you can find red wild Asparagus root. This is a treasure — it is the herb that the Taoists call “the flying herb”.