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EROTIC LUCID DREAMING – “Teasing Fantasy” – Brainwave Entrainment Music

◢ Control your desires and also step into your ideal, sensual fantasy with our lucid dream trigger music installed with binaural beats and also isochronic tones, using formulated sleep cycle waves as well as REM enhancers. This four component track will certainly begin you off into light rest, deep relaxation, slow wav and REM phases that consist of a complete ...

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How To Control Your Dreams

Lucid fantasizing is a desire where you remain in control. Intend to win the lottery game, fly faster compared to Superman– done and also done! Anthony is a lucid daydreamer himself and he describes how lucid fantasizing works, and ideas on how you can do it on your own. Find out more: WHAT PARTS OF THE BRAIN GENERATE DESIRES? " ...

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