Lucid Dreaming in 5 Minutes

The dream cycles & ways to lucid dream
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*** Notes about Lucid Fantasizing versus Astral Projection ***.
I noticed a bunch of visitors think that this video clip is about astral projection, yet it clearly is not. I might see just how the photo of a woman getting up from her own body might appear like astral forecast. However celestial estimate is an out-of-body-experience, when your "celestial body" separates from your physique in real truth, not in the desire globe. This video clip is about dreaming, not traveling outside your body in the real world in actual time. When you become lucid, you could awaken from your very own body – I've done it numerous times – but that does not mean your spirit or anything has in fact come out of your body. It is all part of your desire, astral estimate is something totally various.