EROTIC LUCID DREAMING – “Teasing Fantasy” – Brainwave Entrainment Music

◢ Control your desires and also step into your ideal, sensual fantasy with our lucid dream trigger music installed with binaural beats and also isochronic tones, using formulated sleep cycle waves as well as REM enhancers. This four component track will certainly begin you off into light rest, deep relaxation, slow wav and REM phases that consist of a complete rest cycle. To enhance your sexual desire also additionally, see to it you concentrate and also imagine on the circumstance that you intend to play out in your dream. Put your purposes on it till you let yourself go and fall asleep.

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We, at Brainwave Power Songs, have actually been committing ourselves in developing original audio treatment songs tracks, making use of binaural beats and isochronic tones as our primary sound element in addition to different tools as well as soundscapes to develop a loosened up audio atmosphere. We have one primary goal: To help others with our music, be it for physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual functions. We upload a bunch of brand-new material on our network weekly, as well as we continuously strive to provide more brand-new music therapy tracks for every person.

Our other music categories are for:.
– Meditation.
– Chakra Cleansing.
– Leisure.
– Healing Self-Healing.
– Overall Equilibrium & Wellness.
– Research study and also Job Helps.
– Lucid Dreaming, Astral Estimate & Dream Enhancers.
– Planetary Frequency Connections.

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– Lucid Fantasizing Sleep Track (8 Hr Rest Cycle Track).

– Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin Launch.

– Research Aid for Super Learning and also Memory:.

◢ Reflection & Relaxation Songs.
Developed as your ambient enhancement during your reflection, leisure, and also spiritual connection sessions.

◢ Chakra Cleansing, Healing Self-Healing & Overall Equilibrium.
Chakras are energy points in the body and streams in the body through the life force prana. Our music tracks are dedicated to fire up, clean, and also turn on all your chakras utilizing different frequency waves that are connected to particular components of our human aspect, be it literally, mentally, emotionally as well as emotionally.

◢ Study and Work Aids.
Get your mind to function and also boost your focus, concentration, creativity and info absorption without the tension or stress and anxiety with our relaxing job and also study songs accompaniments.

◢ Rest Inducers, Astral Projection & Desire Boosters.
We have actually been developing a lot of distinct songs tracks devoted in order to help you to sleep, or obtain a deep, excellent rest that will certainly leave you charged and also freshened after waking. Our celestial and also lucid fantasizing tracks are all thoroughly formulated making sure that you can achieve subconscious recognition.

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